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One to Sit provides products of pure Dutch design, which is manufactured by craftsmen hands. The design of One to Sit are simplistically designed in a functional and timeless design that fits perfectly into the existing garden and living trends.

All products from One to Sit are made of composite, a very strong material, which is relatively lightweight, low maintenance and can withstand all weather conditions.

In addition to the standard color white, the One to Sit products are also available in any RAL color or in a color variant of metal, the product has a bronze, copper, or “rusty” appearance. In addition to furniture One to Sit has also lamps, designs fire baskets and planters in her collection, in the same style and the same material.

The products of One to Sit can all be combined with each other. This can be in the private of your kitchen, on the patio, but also in offices and public buildings are the products of One to Sit particularly well to their right, and they provide a very stylish look.

One to Sit remains committed to innovation and providing sustainable products with high quality. One to Sit can cater to everyone’s individual needs, from consumers to project level.